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I spent ten days working on a paid writing improvement course and here is what I learned

I am a firm believer in routine. Up until a few weeks ago, my morning routine was to sit down and write for my blog every single day (of the workweek).

Intrigued and interested by one of my favorite persons writing course that they compiled and sold. They are a professional writer. They started their own writing business in the form of a newsletter, which they eventually sold for MILLIONS (validation baby!).

This is someone that I frankly do consider to be a mentor and a role model. They’re active enough on on social media and they also host a podcast, so I am able to get inside their head (kind of).

Touching on topic that I believe is one of the COOLEST aspects of social media, no matter how negative you are towards it. If you come across the right person, whether in business, entertainment, science, tech, of whatever. You can have an actual one on one conversation with that person.

Not only can you create a dialogue with your role model, you can listen to what they have to say about anything they’ve put out there.

Take youtube and podcasts for instance. If they have their own podcast or YT channel, odds are really good that you have access to hours and hours of their thoughts and ideas.

Unfortunately, you’re not listening to the gold. You’re listening to them talk just like they would in a normal conversation. Sometimes the show is scripted and more refined, others are just free wheeling and going where the wind blows on that particular day.

Prior to the internet, you have to physically go to someone’s lecture or talk when they happen to hit your town or city on their continental circuit. You had to buy their tapes or VHS.

This entire concept is something I find remarkable and is truly an amazing by product of social media. Which does get a bad rap, often times, deservedly so.

I digress.

My main point is that I like to listen to and read about this mentor from afar’s work, and learn about how they think and approach their own ideas and problems.

So, I bought their course. I bought their writing improvement course.

Did it turn me into a real Hemmingway? Did I shed my cocoon and blossom into a beautiful writing butterfly? Shit no.

But I did learn how to read better, which isn’t something that was part of the advertising. It’s just a by product of improving a skill like writing.

Not only did I learn how to read better, but my writing did ABSOLUTELY improve. The aspect of my own writing that improved the most was to just pay attention to my own voice, and put that voice on paper.

Take the way I talk and put that in writing. That’s it. The other stuff is figuring out what your writing about and using that system to convey the idea or message most effectively.

Listen to your voice and keep the sentences simple. If you overcomplicate and become to elaborate in trying to convey something so basic and simple, people will see through that.

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