No Shortcuts

A trail along Del Valle Lake

You cannot cheat the process.

We’ve heard about the 10,000 hour rule* and it’s not 100% accurate. But there’s a reason that it’s so widely accepted. It applies to a great deal of us.

Some of you are freaks (in a good way). Unique and exceptional individuals that can put in the work and spend time working on your craft that are operating on a different plane compared to the rest of us.

I am not one of those individuals. That’s actually what my blog is about. It’s literally in the title.

I am so SO busy today. There’s a bunch of crap I need to do before work, that carried over from last night.

The urge to not even bother writing and going to clean up the kitchen and prepare for the day is strong.

Here I am. Proudly tapping away on my computer, putting in the work.

I am not special. I am not in a position to skip around and apply myself when I feel like it. Not if this is something that I want. And I want it SO bad.

No shortcuts.

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