Jumping back In

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Up until a few weeks ago, I was writing very regularly. I had roughly 3 weeks of writing blog posts down in the books and the momentum was fantastic. So fantastic, that I stopped for two weeks straight.

My routine was to write every weekday morning. I wake up at 6am, get myself ready for the day (shower and dress). Head downstairs and turn on my computer to write in my word processor and then copy paste that into my blog.

I had a good thing going!

I began to find myself sitting more and writing less. I was hitting roadblocks in figuring out what I wanted to write about.

In a sense, the writing was on the wall. Ideas seemed dry and, frankly, useless lifeless and just boring.

So I signed up for a paid writing course. I learned how to improve my writing, and I think that it actually worked.

Now I did spend $80 to do it, so I probably got a $100 lesson on the topic. But I think that there was really good information inside and when put into practice it can and did improve my writing.

I’ll obviously have to continue the practice (which I didn’t do today-oops). Nonetheless, the information is solid. It’s source used real world examples and showed us the magic.

I’ll dive into more details about it later. I’m just glad to back at my desk writing.

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