Getting Specific

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I’ve been writing every work day for the past week and a half, and this is what I’ve learned.

In order to create content and continue writing about a topic, you have to get specific. I am currently in a bit of a struggle with this myself.

My current goal(s): Improve my writing, Professionalize my writing, Take my writing from Morning Journal to Paid and published

You see how I narrowed the focus and got more and more specific. Jumping into the I want to improve this category is a big and noisy category. There are hundreds of thousands, if not millions of people jumping up and down saying the same thing.

Separating myself into a unique quiet little space where I’m with just a handful of other people is going to serve my purpose and end goal.

Narrowing your focus and continuing to iterate on each and every single detail is going to carry your journey and provide an unlimited amount of ideas and prompts to write about.

I am already a writer. I was writing 3 full pages by hand every morning! That’s somewhere between 2,000-3,000 words by hand every week day morning. I take my time getting up on the weekends and I think it’s important to give yourself some down/away time. You don’t have to be all in and gung ho 24/7.

Focusing on one minute aspect of creating my writing habit leads to the next, complimentary, habit/nuance of getting myself to write every morning. Soon enough I can turn that into a series of blog posts, and can leave everything I need and want to say out on the field!

What’s next?

I’ve created this writing habit, but now what do I do?

Time to write. Just sit down and devote the amount of time you have to writing. Just write and write and write. For me, the analog writing was the best. It still is. If you’re able to, I recommend it. But if you’re limited to typing on a keyboard, that’s fine too.

I find the temptation to go back and fuck with what you wrote is too great and you’re going to interrupt your flow. The feeling of just letting the thoughts and ideas errupt from the pen as I scribbled across the page was an amazing feeling. It’s not the same when you see how you misspelled errupt and you think about that red squiggly line for just a millisecond.

Get specific. As specific as you can. When you don’t think you can get anymore specific, get more specific. Then write about that topic or subject for a month.

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