Alaska Mountains

This Is The Long Road

Sitting still can be one of the most difficult things for us to do. Have you ever had restless-leg syndrome? Have you ever not moved and fidgeted your leg while you were experiencing it? I didn’t think so. The impulse we have is to move your leg. It’s almost as if it’s contagious and your […]

man swimming underwater

Break Through Part-2 Fear: No More

Being led and controlled by fear isn’t fun. It’s not productive. It’s not sustainable. I’ll admit that I’ve been able to get by alright the f=past few years. I know that there are areas that I could improve in my life and they are many. Being controlled by fear is a weakness. For me, there […]

Dry cracked earth textured wallpaper

Break Through Part 1

I’ve been feeling slightly off for a little while. Kind of like when you’ve been really sick with a bad flu and all the symptoms have finally relinquished their hold on your body…but something is still kind of off. That’s where I’m at, but psychologically. [Your shrink has entered the chat] I have always been […]

brown trail on the mountain

Easier Said Than Done

Being honest sounds easier than it really is. What comes more natural than just being honest how you think and feel. Honest is the best policy, after all. When I am honest, most of the time, it doesn’t feel right. Or I don’t feel good about it. Something just feels off. If I was too […]


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A review of your favorite blogs

Who doesn’t like a well written and informative piece the stumbled across on the internet? All that mindless scrolling and you found a gem? The last hour you spent on twitter is no longer a waste of time, we learned us some good shit. This is where I have consolidated my thoughts and reviews about various blogs, books, articles, videos, etc.

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