Two Steps Forward, One Step Back

sand dune with foot prints

I’ve logged a nice win for myself today.

On the one hand, I should have wrote and published a blog post this morning. This is the proverbial step back.

Sadly, I missed that target.

On the other hand, I have matured (that’s what I’m calling it, leave me alone) out of constant content consumption.

Plus, not only have I moved away from the constant scrolling, but I’ve also taken a liking to exploring interests.

Rather than sit around scrolling through my twitter or instagram feed. I’ve been exploring the websites and blogs of some of my favorite people, businesses, and podcasts.

While I am certainly still meandering around the web, I’ve found this style to be much more constructive, informative, and even inspiring. This is my two step.

Another added bonus, is how motivating this can be.

I’ve been listening to podcast and audio books for a very long time.

I’ve always enjoyed my favorites because they allow me a glimpse inside their mind. The listeners are able to assume the fly on the wall position to some really unlikely and unique conversations.

While I LOVE podcasts for that. Reading through the background and at times, the back bone of the podcast or those guests, provides another glimpse at the working of their minds.

Often a frequently, I’ve found this to be a little more of an intimate relationship for the writer.

I assume it’s because they’ve always been writing the blog so it feels a little more natural.

Don’t get me wrong, some podcast hosts are great and amazing. But a lot of people are going to feel uncomfortable at some point in that process, regardless of the host.

Plus, as you’re reading through their older blogs, you can literally watch as their thinking changes and evolves.

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