Letter’s To My Hero’s

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I’ve always had this idea of writing letters to  my hero’s.

How great would it be to send a deeply appreciative and well thought out appreciation letter to your hero’s and mentors.

I know that, 99% of the letters I would send aren’t going to make it to their destination.

Whether it’s never seen and simply get’s lost in the mix. Thrown in the trash by a gatekeeper. Or just never acknowledged or responded to.

The odds of my letter to Tim Ferriss being seen, read, and responded to are SO significantly low it has to be flirting with a fraction of a percentage.

But, I’ve always wanted to write and send them my appreciation for what they’ve done that’s helped me. And in some cases, even offer some soft criticism.

That’s not to say that I’m out here blowing up everyone’s spot.

I’m going to show them that I’ve been with them consuming their content for a long time. And while I appreciate them, the time they’ve spent, and the effort they’ve put forth, I have a few thoughts to share.

My list is always in flux.

There are even people on the list that I don’t really care for any longer.

At one point, they had an impact on me and either motivated me to achieve something or take a step back to view a problem from another perspective.

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