Cull Your New Years Resolution Graveyard

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A lot of people ignore the opportunity that the new year presents. Who could blame them?

The new year resolution is cliche as fuck. We’ve all done it. We’ve made a list of New Years resolutions, only to scratch them off a few weeks later. Not because we’ve achieved our goal but because we lost sight of it.

Sometimes we pursue it too hard and then revert back to where we were before, or even worse…it’s happened to me on more than one occasion, that’s for sure.

By in large, they don’t last. What’s the point?

Which is why so many people are not only skeptical, but they have an outright animosity towards the notion.

For me? I’m certain that I’ve hit a few. Not many, but my number isn’t zero.

I’ve New Years resolutions aplenty in the grave yard where they go to die.

But the ones that have made it out bring some hope. They’re a friendly reminder that I can do it.

Contrary to the ever present negative self talk, I’m not a total failure…I’m not just bullshitting myself left and right. I can do it.

I haven’t learned a second language. I never started a side hustle or business. Nor have I competed as a power lifter or gotten on stage in a bodybuilding show.

I did start a blog. I take a cold shower every morning. And I do the same with my journaling-every morning.

There are a few survivors that bring hope to the other New Years resolutions…those are just a few of them.

Want to set yourself up for success?

You need a plan. Not a one time blog post. Not a note in your note pad. You (and I’m talking to myself at this point), need a written out plan. Something that is tangible and available to remind you of it EVERY SINGLE DAY.

Let’s be honest.

I’m fucking up my New Years resolutions because I forget about them momentarily. That lapse, albeit just an hour, or a few minutes screws things up.

I’ll dive into the allowance for error. Where you’re not binary in the progress towards achieving your goal. But for now, I’ll focus on reminders.

I’ve encountered this with myself and my own personal goals.

I write out ALL the things I want for myself. But I don’t have a plan to achieve the individual goals themselves. Not only that, but the long concise note I’ve written myself was a one off.

I don’t have a tangible reminder that I see and encounter all the time. I need to always think about this stuff. Whatever it is…

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