Break Through Part-2 Fear: No More

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Being led and controlled by fear isn’t fun. It’s not productive. It’s not sustainable.

I’ll admit that I’ve been able to get by alright the f=past few years. I know that there are areas that I could improve in my life and they are many.

Being controlled by fear is a weakness.

For me, there is something familiar and comforting. I’m not getting too far out of my comfort zone.

I’m leaving my comfort zone only when I’m forced out of it by other people. I can dance around the perimeter of my own comfort zone just fine. But as soon as someone else forces me out of it, I’m clamoring to get myself back in.

This often times leads to weird conversations. Not weird in the sense that we’re talking about something strange.

It’s weird in that the exchange doesn’t make a ton of sense. I will interrupt the flow of conversation to give myself an out.

Lately this has manifested in the form of a nervous laugh. “Hahaha, well anyway I better get going.”

In the moment things feel unnatural and off. But when I reflect on what was actually said, I’m mortified.

So what?

Tons of people have anxiety and stress about interacting with other people. You’ve identified your problem, and now it’s time to solve it.

It’s time to go ahead and bring your true self up to the surface. (How fucking cheesy is that? lol) Sadly, this is necessary so grit your teeth and deal with it.

I’ve been working on myself lately and spoke about [what I know now to be one facet of] the solution.

Being honest is too easy. Too simple and not elaborate enough for the exercise.

Honesty is the best policy and it’s certainly the theme of what I consider to be part of the solution to my problem.

The other facet of my solution is to recognize those moments of discomfort and embrace them.

Embracing those split second moments when I feel like the conversation has gone too long. Or I’m looking for an opportunity to get out of the conversation as a whole, just waiting for an opportunity to end it and walk away!

Don’t. Think about why you’re feeling that way in the moment.

What was the trigger that got you here/there?

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