The Solution

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Yesterday I introduced you to my nemesis, conflict.

We don’t get along. Frankly, conflict is more like a bully to me than a nemesis. I just don’t do well when conflict shows up.

My palms get sweaty, I lose my words, I get anxious. It’s not a good situation for your boy.

The sad and funny part, is that I’m not very good at conflict avoidance. I literally stop talking and hope that the problem goes away.

Which is a terrible plan. It’s not a plan-it’s a hope.

True to my word, I’m writing up my comprehensive plan to help confront these situations head on.

After hours and hours of painstaking research, I’ve distilled advice from professionals and guidance from the best of the best.

If you’re struggling with conflict avoidance, I promise you that this plan will work for you in any situation you find yourself beginning to shrug away at the first sign of conflict.

Confront that weakness head on, and show it who’s boss.

Be honest. That’s it. You just have to be honest.

We don’t use this as an excuse to assume the roll of our senile uncle that says whatever racist shit comes to his head.

We take the time to think about how we feel. Not just glance over the uncomfortable moment with a nervous smile and an even more nervous laugh.

Take time to think about what we’re feeling in that moment and say it out loud.

The sooner we are honest with ourselves, the sooner we can share that honesty with others.

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