One Step Forward, One Step Backward

green trees surrounding lake

I began this blog through sheer force of will.

I had time enough in the day to sit down and write in the morning. Occupying roughly the first 60minutes of my day.

Rather than continue my [at the time] current practice of writing out 3 pages in my personal journal, I decided to devote that time to the blog.

I enjoyed it. I posted nearly every day of the week. Venting getting thoughts off my mind and onto “paper”.

Sure, it wasn’t quite the same as writing out those three pages by hand. I can’t quite put my finger on it, but there’s something special (maybe just to me) about writing by hand.

I faced a dilemma.

Pick my beloved ball point pen up in the morning and get three pages worth of my thoughts onto those lined pages.

Or. Boot up my laptop and open my word processor to begin writing for the blog.

They both present their own unique, individual challenges. Which I’ll probably get into later. But my biggest challenge was doing them both.

It seems as though I cannot do both at the same time (duh). What I mean is that I couldn’t find the time, nor would I make the time, to write for both.

Tonight, that ends.

This is a boring story about how I manipulated, tweaked, and messed around with my schedule to get the things I wanted most out of my writing.

I’m doing it. Writing my morning pages journal and writing my blog. Every day this week, Monday through Friday.

See you tomorrow.

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