Write by Hand

person writing on a sticky note

Call me old fashioned, but I miss analog writing. The good old pen and paper, with thoughts flowing (hopefully) freely through my arm right onto the empty lines.

It was such a joy accomplishing so much (3 pages!) by the time I am really beginning to tackle the day and the house starts waking up.

I admit that typing on the keyboard is better than nothing at all. But, it’s different.

This is too easily edited and manipulated. There’s too much contemplation about the next thing I say and how it will look on a webpage.

Writing with pen and paper is superior for first drafts in every way.

Less self criticism. Greater flow and creativity. I have a habit of becoming distracted by tiny little things here and there as I’m typing on my computer.

It isn’t all the time, but it’s regular. Something about the keyboard itself draws your attention away from what you’re concentrating on.

Once you’re in the zone and typing away, it’s not a big deal. But it’s a little more difficult to get there when I’m working off of a computer screen.

My goal was to write and publish a blog every day. That’s why I write here.

Instead of writing by hand, which I do enjoy and prefer to do. I will use that same time to just write on a screen.

Which will allow me to post on my blog regularly, as I write every weekday Monday through Friday.

How to merge the two?

I used to keep a gratitude journal. Writing either before or after I completed my morning pages. It supplemented that writing and sometimes helped me begin on the lengthy morning pages journey each day.

Before I decided to keep them separate, I merged them both together. Keeping the gratitude on the first page of my morning pages. It took up a lot of space that way. A LOT…what a waste.

At the time I was unsure of what to write about and how to fill the pages, which led to the strategy of dedicating an entire page to something that was already determined.

Now, my problem is clear.

How can I revert back to analog writing, and still flex my daily blog post muscle? I want to continue writing for the blog, but want to switch my medium back to pen and paper.

Is the solution as simple as writing the blog post in the journal? Or do I apply to same separation that my gratitude journal had where each has it’s own respective journal?

If I go this route, than I need to dedicate time to taking those pages and putting them on my computer.

Is it as simple as writing by hand and going about my morning pages, writing in my gratitude journal, and then writing in my blog journal.

Let’s say I accumulate about a weeks worth of blog posts in that journal, and then I fill up the weeks que on my blog so that posting is automated throughout the week?

Or is it something where I take time each day to read and the type up the blog post at a later time? Hand write in the morning, read and type at night?

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