Inspire Yourself

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Don’t wait for Inspiration to hit. Go grab it and wrestle it to the ground

Waiting for inspiration is like waiting for your mom to make you a sandwich. You won’t starve, and you’ll get that sandwich…eventually. But it’s just quicker to get off your ass and go make a sandwich for your own damn self. If you are waiting on that sandwich, go make your own and you best make her one while you’re at it. Mom’s appreciate a thoughtful gesture from their kids and you don’t have to wait for Mothers Day to do it.

So, you won’t starve and it’ll probably come to you, but you don’t know how long you’ll have to wait.

Consider the essential items you need in order to take advantage of your inspiration when it comes. You will employ those items regardless of that inspiration tapping you on the shoulder or not.

I find that I’m hit with inspiration and ideas all throughout the day.

Sometimes I’m full of ideas. Sometimes I have one idea, one really great idea. Other days I have a bunch of dogshit ideas.

Regardless of the quality of the idea, I try to flex the idea muscle as often as possible. Because ideas, inspiration, motivation-all of’s a muscle (figuratively). You practice and train that muscle so that it will get stronger and more reliable.

I’ve been writing first thing in the morning (week days only) for a very long time. Do I miss analog writing? Absolutely. Filling those three pages full of my thoughts and ideas was SUCH a rewarding feeling.

But I’m here now, tapping away at my keyboard all the same. I’m still flexing the same generic muscle, but dialing in something specific about blogging and online writing (make sense?).

When it comes to inspiring yourself and flexing that muscle. You have to build the time where you take that inspiration and run with it. And pretend like you’ve been struck by the inspiration lightning regardless of whether you actually did or not.

I’ve found, that I’m always struck with inspiration after I’ve woken up, first thing in the morning. And am sitting down to write on my computer with an ice cold glass of water next to me.

I built this time into my schedule. It’s me time. It’s time for me to get that shit done.

Before, it was to write and fill those three pages in my morning pages journal. Now, it’s time to blog and write online.

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