Holding Yourself Accountable

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Holding yourself accountable is important to developing a practice, skill, or habit. I don’t mean to be so repetitive but, in order to hold yourself accountable you need to have clear goals and a plan. I won’t belabor that point, so if you want to hear my opinion on clear goals and creating a plan, you’re welcome to check out those previous blog posts.

When our plan begins, things are going well. When my plan began, things were going well. As I executed and created the content that was in line with my plan, I found that the plan was more and more flawed. It was time to pivot again and create an amended plan to get me to the same goal.

Constantly creating and writing is hard. It started out easy when I had so much to cover, I had so much to say about the common themes. Now, after a few weeks of this, it feels like I’m nearing the point of exhausting those ideas.

Great, so I’ve touched on a lot. That makes me the expert in those areas that I’ve already written about?

Were my blog posts (numbers 6-9) so comprehensive and detailed that I need not write about those topics ever again?

Do not be absurd. I can recycle those points and themes as often as I want, so long as I am writing from a new perspective or bringing something new to the table. Recycling the exact message and verbiage is unacceptable, but that’s not what I’m here to do anyhow.

Being accountable to myself and my audience is providing new information and a new perspective in each post. There is something of value tucked away in each post that goes up. Sometimes it will be pure entertainment, others will provide a blueprint for taking action.

Accountability means taking an approach that provides something to the reader. In order to get myself there, where each post is creating infinite value. I have to be willing to do the work where I listen and read and watch with a curious mind. So that when something good hits, I’m there to collect it and write about it for my readers to pick up.

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