Breaking the Comfort Zone

As much as I am enjoying myself waking up and writing about whatever comes to mind, it isn’t accomplishing the goal of getting attention, views, and fans. I’ve been at this for an entire week and I have nothing to show for it as far as page views and readership. Wow, what a shocker. This is a perfect example of being impatient. This isn’t a fast paced world where you post for one week and the algorithm boosts your posts to put them and your profile in front of a new audience.

I am happy with where my progress is at present, where I am writing every day and posting on my blog. My comfort zone is not having people read what I’m putting out there and if my writing is going anywhere I need to change that. I need to get other people to look at the site, read the posts and become invested as a fan. It isn’t all going to come at once, but it will never come at all if I don’t put myself out there. Posting directly to my blog isn’t enough.

There are websites and applications that are built as a “social media” for writing. I’ve done zero research on this, but Medium comes to mind and I’m sure that there have to be others. The point is, I’ll want to drive traffic to my website sooner or later and putting myself out there is the only way to do it. Twitter is a great platform to leverage the potential of getting views from thousands of people in the blink of an eye. Facebook is a great way to put the word out there to people I know, which is why I’m hesitant to post on there. And Medium, is a great way to toss my little fish in a big old pond and see if it can work it’s way up the food chain.

I would be remiss to say that I’m going to approach this all on my own and go about the blog creation and writing without any guidance. I’ve signed up for a few writing newsletters and courses which have proven helpful thus far despite spending an entire handful of hours doing research and reading. I’ll write up a profile or a review for the courses as I work my way through them, dedicating an individual post for each course, newsletter, etc.

The time has come to get the word out about the blog.

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