The departure from my usual routine isn’t a majorly contrasting one. Changing the output (type of writing) from an identical input (waking up and writing for an hour) is a very minor change that’s easy to execute on. I have, surprisingly enough, set myself up for success. This is called a pivot, and I just performed one perfectly (pats self on the back).

In an effort to increase the amount of blog posts I’m able to produce I decided to change my morning writing routine. Instead of taking a right at the bottom of the stairs and walking into the kitchen to sit down and write there, I now make a hard left at the bottom of the stairs towards the office to type on my computer and work on thisisnotashortcut. Aside from that, just about everything is the same. I still wake up early. I’m still writing. Rather than a very mentally and emotionally rewarding self reflection journal that I write by hand. I am now working on a goal that’s going to bring me closer to achieving a longer held goal.

I will grant myself permission to do more research as I sit here in the office first thing in the morning, so the time isn’t spent writing non-stop. I am after all a writer. There are just a few minor bits of information to take in so that I’m able to better understand the process of blogging itself.

At this point it’s only a matter of getting those ideas out of my head and onto the screen in front of us.

The goal of the blog was always to produce written content. I’m not a professional writer and my writing has a long way to improve. But the repetitions that I’m able to get while I’m blogging in the morning is going to be very important. Not only blogging for myself but reading others blogs, taking notes and learning from those that I want to emulate and model.

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