I currently have a writing practice that I am very happy with, but it isn’t generating that amount of writing that I need it to so that I can utilize this blog for the purposes I created the blog for. I wake up early in the morning and begin writing, first thing. My alarm goes off at 6am and I’m in my kitchen writing in 5 minutes. The problem I have is that it takes on average about 48minutes to complete the morning pages practice of 3 full, uninterrupted pages of analog writing. By the time I’ve finished, my baby is stirring in her crib and the countdown to her waking up has begun. If i’m lucky, that will grant me an additional 15-25 minutes of writing. I am rarely lucky that early in the morning, so I’ll have about 5-10 minutes to myself. It’s difficult to make progress on something when you have 10 minutes of working on it to execute.

I was going nowhere. So I am supplanting my treasured morning pages journaling time with sit down and write on my laptop for the blog time. This gives me time to write, time to read, and time to edit then post the actual writing. I don’t HAVE or NEED to write for the blog. I’m devoting the time between my waking up and Sloane waking up to the blog. That can include writing, but it also includes reading and doing research.

If there is little to show for it. If practicing this way does not bare any fruit and the repetitions are poor, I can always revert back to the morning pages practice.

Now, I’m writing and posting each morning. Writing and posting, writing and posting. Eventually, I’ll build a catalog of posts that I can schedule to post on this date at that time. It will be great. I have high hope for this new approach.

For the time being, I’m here typing away killing time until my baby wakes up.

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