Take Action

How many times have you told yourself “all I have to do is take action?”

I cannot tell you haw many podcast I have listened to, how many blog posts I’ve read, how many novels and biographies I’ve read where the only way that gets you somewhere other than right here, is taking action. That’s right folks, the key to it all, is to go out and do stuff.

You do not have to be the best. You won’t be the best, and probably won’t be very good for a long time. But the only way to improve and get better is to try. I think Master Yoda had a quote about you either do or you don’t, that’s it.

Malcolm Gladwell famously wrote about the 10,000 hour rule to mastery, which is literally just repetitions. Repetition is key. How do you think The Beatles became so creative and had such great stamina? As teenagers they literally worked fin Germany where they played ALL NIGHT LONG, sometimes nonstop. They had more repetitions than you could possibly imagine after their first month, let alone having done it for years (I think).

The reason I’m talking about taking action is because the lack thereof in my own life, is something that I am grappling with. I am a chronic procrastinator, always have been. When it came to school, all throughout high school and college, I waited until I literally couldn’t wait ay longer and would start at the last minute. It was a problem then, and it is a problem now.

I have had this blog for over a month. I conceptualized and planned it in a few days. I was in the middle of my morning pages journal practice and it hit me. It then took week after week for me to set up the page on it’s current host and then another few weeks to get a single piece of content up. It’s not for lack of ideas floating around in my head, there are plenty of those. But this is just something that I’ve always done.

Now it stops. I’m not going to allow the fear of failure to dictate how I live. This blog, this writing project, this outlet-isn’t something that I can fail at unless I don’t take action. It’s a very low bar, that is easy enough to clear. The solution is easy, it’s as simple as can be. Take action. So here goes. Blog post number 2.

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